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Detainees & Indigents Help Center
7 Independence Street
Anifowoshe, Ikeja,
Lagos, Nigeria.
P. O. Box 80166 Lafiaji, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 234-802-311-2771
Email: dhc@dhcnigeria.org
Detainees & Indigents Help center (DHC)
Detainees & Indigents Help Center (DHC) is working to see that Nigerian Prisons are totally de-congested, clean and habitable so as to meet international standard.

DHC wants to ensure that no detainee in Nigeria stays in custody in perpetuity without trial because he or she is poor. Detainees deserve to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

DHC is a charitable non-governmental organization incorporated in Nigeria in September, 2007 to render free legal services to people who are poor and are in detention beyond the period stipulated by law.

Detainees & Indigents Help Center liases with the relevant government agencies in Nigeria to obtain the list of those awaiting trial but being detained without trial within reasonable time or beyond the time they are to serve in Prison even if they are convicted and sentenced to maximum term of imprisonment. This is to ensure their timely release using the court and some other legal means.

DHC rises to the occasion to file release applications in court on behalf of these poor detainees to grant them liberty. DHC attorneys are equally defending poor detainees and accused persons free at trial to ensure they get fair hearing.

Efforts are on by DHC to organize lectures and conferences from time to time to sensitize our policy makers and the general public about detainees rights and welfare and the need to reform the Nigerian criminal justice system.

DHC has a program to assist the widows and orphans in order to give them hope, courage and confidence to be able to fulfill their destinies in life.

The job of giving hope to the hopeless, defending the defenseless and helping the helpless is tough and daunting. The terrain is rough and frustrating, the resources required are enormous. The expertise plus courage must also be excellent and unwavering to achieve the goal. DHC having this in mind has gathered seasoned and tested Lawyers and other professionals for the job.

For effective co-ordination and execution of these programs DHC has its operational office in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial city while efforts are on to establish offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt and other regional parts of Nigeria.
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